AmeriVacS for Cannabis Products

If you’re a Cannabis producer you probably already know, vacuum sealing is the solution for Cannabis packaging, protection, and storage.

With the advent of legalization across the US and worldwide, the other medical use-case for vacuum sealing has gone mainstream. Whether you’ve been vacuum sealing your herb for decades or you’re new to the party and looking to up your packaging game you’d better have AmeriVacS vacuum sealers on your radar.

AmeriVacS vacuum sealers are highly durable and easy to use, with core gas purge functionality that makes them ideal for packaging Cannabis, Hemp, and other marijuana flower derivatives. But the value doesn’t stop at their vacuum sealers. When purchasing an AmeriVacS vacuum sealer, you become a part of a family business who literally wrote the book on compressed air (venturi system) vacuum sealing (no, seriously, check out this article/video on AmeriVacS founder, who engineered the technology in the late 80s). Simply put, an AmeriVacS vacuum sealer isn’t only a brilliant machine, but also your ticket into a partnership with a committed service provider with over 30+ years of knowledge & experience in the game. And here’s your first benefit…

Tips and considerations to keep in mind when selecting an AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealer for Cannabis products.

SIZE, TYPE, & THICKNESS OF BAG: Regardless of whether your vacuum bag is 3 or 6 mils, flat or stand up, a clear poly nylon vacuum bag or foil (Mylar) bag, the width of your bag will determine the size of your vacuum sealer, and is, therefore, an excellent place to start when shopping for a sealing solution. In any event, AmeriVacS vacuum sealers, which are capable of sealing all of these bags up to 50” in width (independent of length), have you covered.

QUICK TIP – Size & Model Name: AmeriVacS model numbers denote the widest bag they can seal, so if you’re sealing a bag 20” wide or smaller, any machine with a dash 20 in the model number will suffice. The same is true as you increase bag size.

Optimal Type of AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealer Cannabis:

AVN Series - Vacuum Sealers with Gas Purge

Along with determining your vacuum sealer size, you should also consider the type of vacuum sealer suitable for your product. As organic matter, cannabis is prone to decay, bacterial growth, and an overall loss in potency, odor, and quality when exposed to ambient elements such as moisture and oxygen. Most of our cannabis industry clients, therefore, opt for our vacuum sealers with gas purge. These types of machines, represented by our AVN series flush packages with an inert gas, lowering the percentage of moisture and oxygen to less than 1%, which is significantly lower than vacuum sealing alone.

PRO TIP – Flower Protection: Too tight a vacuum can crush and negatively affect your flower. While a conscientious operator can safeguard against over-vacuuming manually, our Vacuum Regulator accessory allows you to precisely calibrate (and repeat) the tightness of your vacuum seal, further safeguarding against the harmful effects of over-vacuuming.

Perks of ownership.

While a traditional use case for our cannabis clients is a short to medium storage period, customers have reported successful cannabis preservation of at least 2 years. With functionality such as this, a one-week trial period, a 2-year limited warranty, quick fulfillment (shipping within one business day), and excellent customer support… all starting at $2,695, our AVN models are an easy decision for any level cannabis producer.

Pro Tip: Some of our earliest clients (yes, dating back to the last century!) report that they are still using our vacuum sealers almost 25 years later! To keep your AVNs in good working order, we recommend our Vacuum Filter, which protects your machine from ingesting debris inside the vacuum bag during the vacuum process. We also recommend our Coalescing Air Filter, which protects your sealer from moisture and contamination from your air supply.


AmeriVacS Recommends:

  1. Type & Size: Our AVN model (relative to the width of your largest bag)
  2. Accessories: Coalescing Air Filter, Vacuum Filter, and Vacuum Regulator
  3. Recommendation: AmeriVacS recommends our AVN models (size relative to the width of your largest bag), along with our coalescing air filter, vacuum filter, and Vacuum regulator.