Message from Founder & President

Our quality vacuum sealers are the result of experience. Experience that began with the design of the industry’s first tabletop compressed-air driven vacuum sealer. Experience that led to the formation of AmeriVacS that focuses on making vacuum sealers that exceed industry standards in design integrity, component quality, speed, and fail-safe mechanisms. Experience that is evident in every sealer we make, from our very first to our newest vacuum sealer. Experience is the reason AmeriVacS continues to be the first in the industry for design innovation, quality, and speed.

AmeriVacS About Us
AmeriVacS About Us


When it comes to technical equipment you hear a lot about “precision engineering;” so much so, in fact, that the term seems to have lost its meaning. At AmeriVacS “precision engineering” is defined by our hands on approach, commitment to excellence & spirited culture in the workplace, penchant for customer-driven innovation, and most of all: practice. As of 2021 AmeriVacS has sold over 10,000 vacuum sealers to over 7,000 happy customers. Given as though all AmeriVacS Vacuum sealers are designed & built (by hand) by a core team that has been with the company for over 20 years, we can honestly say; (1) we’ve had a lot of practice and (2) we love our work.

Engineering may happen on a vacuum, but never in a vacuum. What keeps us motivated after so much time? You. At AmeriVacS we view every next sale as an opportunity to collaborate with, learn from, and hopefully provide a pleasing solution for you, the customer. This commitment extends from our products to our business: AmeriVacs is engineered with you at the center.

We thank you for your business; the integral role you play in our process, and look forward to continuing the collaboration.


At AmeriVacS we are acutely aware of the responsibility of manufacturers in the 21st century. That’s why our global, ecological, and social footprints are carefully analyzed and evaluated to make sure we are doing our part. From environmentally conscious energy and waste strategies at the factory to maintaining part suppliers local to southern California for over 30 years, to our products -- which have been engineered with ecologically efficiency in mind -- we take pride in our end-to-end, agile approach to sustainability.

AmeriVacS About Us
AmeriVacS About Us

Vacuum Sealers - Redesign

AmeriVacS’ premium handmade vacuum sealers deliver elite technology within highly durable and easy to use machines. What’s more, our variety of models, upgrades & accessories, designed with you, the customer, in mind make AmeriVacS sealers the ideal solution for most any packaging program. But the value doesn’t stop at our vacuum sealers. When purchasing an AmeriVacS vacuum sealer you become a part of a family business who literally wrote the book on compressed air (venturi system) vacuum sealing-- no, seriously, AmeriVacS founder, Peter Tadlock, literally engineered the technology in the late 80s. Simply put, an AmeriVacS vacuum sealer isn’t only a brilliant machine, but also your ticket into a partnership with a committed service provider with over 30+ years of knowledge & experience in the game.


Have a unique packaging problem you are trying to solve? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether it’s running you through what might be available within our catalog of upgrades & accessories or working through a bespoke solution for your business we are experienced and happy to help!

AmeriVacS About Us