AmeriVacS for Electronics components (SMDs, ICs)

Not all vacuum sealing applications are made equal.

Here are some tips and considerations to keep in mind when selecting an AmeriVacs Vacuum Sealer for electronics components.

SIZE, TYPE, & THICKNESS OF BAG: Regardless of whether your vacuum bag is 3 or 6 mils, flat or stand up, a clear poly nylon vacuum bag, MIL-SPEC or foil (Mylar) bag, the width of your bag will determine the size of your vacuum sealer, and is therefore a good place to start when shopping for a vacuum sealing solution. In any event, AmeriVacS vacuum sealers, which are capable of sealing all of these bags and more up to 50” in width (independent of length), have you covered.

QUICK TIP 1 – Size & Model Name: AmeriVacS model numbers denote the widest bag they can seal, so if you’re sealing a bag 20” wide or smaller, any machine with a dash 20 in the model number will suffice. The same is true as you increase bag size.

Sealing MIL-SPEC Bags with AmeriVacS’ Vacuum Sealers: Military Specification (or MIL-SPEC) bags are widely used in electronics packaging thanks to their highly puncture-resistant, moisture barrier-providing material. This capacity means, however, that MIL-SPEC bags are often thicker than most other vacuum-sealing bags. When sealing MIL-SPEC bags (>6 Mil thick), we recommend configuring your AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealer with our Bi-Active Sealing Upgrade (BAS). Our BAS adds an upper (1/4”) heating element to your vacuum sealer, heating your bag from above and below, and is an ideal upgrade for use with bags over 6 Mils thick or other tough-to-seal bags.

Optimal Types of AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealers for Electronics Components:

AVN and AVS Series - Vacuum Sealers with and without GAS Purge

Along with determining your vacuum sealer size, you should also consider the type of vacuum sealer suitable for your product. As electronics are prone to corrosion and failure when exposed to moisture, most of our electronics industry clients opt for our vacuum sealers (AVS models) or vacuum sealers with gas purge (AVN models). For electronics components that are extremely moisture sensitive, AmeriVacS recommends our vacuum sealers with gas purge. Gas purge vacuum sealers, represented by our AVN series, flush packages with inert gas, lowering the percentage of moisture and oxygen to less than 1% (significantly lower than vacuum sealing alone).

PRO TIP – Protect against too-tight-a-seal: Too-tight a vacuum can lead to the over-compression of delicate electronics components. For example, the crushing of carrier tape when sealing surface mount devices, integrated circuits (SMDs or ICs), or other electronic components in tape & reel format packaging is a common problem. While a conscientious operator can safeguard against over-vacuuming manually, our Vacuum Regulator accessory allows you to precisely calibrate (and repeat) the tightness of your vacuum seal, further safeguarding against the harmful effects of over-vacuuming.

AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealing & the Clean Room Environment:

Another consideration for vacuum sealing electronics components is whether your vacuum sealer suits a Clean Room Environment. With decades of providing solutions to the electronics industry, AmeriVacS knows a thing or two about this scenario. While AmeriVacS’ standard vacuum sealers are all clean room compatible, we have, over the years, developed a few accessories and upgrades that amplify their performance under the most exacting clean room conditions. All AmeriVacS machines can, for example, be provided with stainless steel chassis and configured with a Ported Exhaust (PE) system. The PE system directs exhaust air from inside of the machine to a rear port for plumbing to an outside area, keeping the air in your clean room, well, clean. These options can be configured in the Upgrades & Accessories section on each AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealer product page online and by request if checking out over the phone or in person.

Perks of ownership (because we all love them): All AmeriVacS vacuum sealers come with a one-week trial period, 2-year limited warranty, speedy fulfillment (shipping within 24 hours), and excellent customer support.

Pro Tip - Further Protecting your AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealer: Some of our earliest clients (yes, dating back to the last century!) report that they are still using our vacuum sealers 25+ years later! To keep your vacuum sealer in good working order, we recommend our Vacuum Filter (VF), which protects your machine from ingesting debris from inside the vacuum bag during the vacuum process. We also recommend our Coalescing Air Filter, which protects your sealer from moisture and contamination from your air supply.


AmeriVacS Recommends (Bullets):

  1. Type & Size: Our AVS or AVN model (relative to your bag size)
  2. Accessories & Upgrades to consider:
  3. Vacuum Regulator: regulates seal tightness and protects your electronics components against over-vacuuming.
  4. Stainless Steel Chassis:  Allows for complete cleaning and sterilization required for harsh environments in all industries.
  5. Ported Exhaust System:  Clean room upgrade. Directs exhaust air inside the machine to a port on the back for customer plumbing outside the area.
  6. Vacuum Filter:  Keeps the vacuum pump free of any debris from your product that the nozzle might suck in, making your sealer inoperative. AmeriVacS must install it.
  7. Coalescing Air Filter:  protects your vacuum sealer from dirt and/or moisture in the compressed air supply line.