• What are the benefits of vacuum packaging?

    Extend shelf life, helps save money and reduce waste, protects from corrosion and moisture damage, reduces space and volume lowering shipping costs, and provides product protection during transportation.

  • How long will my product last?

    That is dependent on a number of variables including the type of product, the type of gas (if used), how much gas was used, etc.

  • What kind of gas should I use?

    Any kind of inert gas will work. The most popular inert gas is Nitrogen. Your product might require a specific gas or mixture of.

  • What is the benefit of using gas purge?

    It reduces atmospheric oxygen and moisture limiting the growth of bacteria and preventing oxidation.

  • What type of bag should I use?

    It all depends of your requirements. If you only wish to reduce space to put it inside a box, then any plastic bag will do. If you wish for the bag to hold a vacuum for a longer period of time, then any kind of vacuum bag and thickness will work including clear, Mil Spec and ESD bags, etc.

  • Do all AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealers require an external air supply?

    No, our newest CAV series models carry an internal air compressor eliminating the need for additional equipment. Also, these provide greater flexibility of placement locations within your facility.

  • What is the warranty?

    All AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealers are warranted for two (2) full years from date of delivery against electrical and mechanical defects, excluding normal wear items such as Heating Elements, Element Posts, Teflon, Pressure Bar Pads, Gray/Black Rubbers and Seal Gaskets. The warranty is voided if the machine is damaged due to improper or negligent use and/or unauthorized repairs. Further, this limited warranty does not cover any Acts of God such as fire, hurricanes, flood, and tornadoes. Any defective machine under warranty that is returned freight prepaid will, at our option, be repaired or replaced by AmeriVacS, at no charge.

    If you have any questions regarding this warranty, please Call Us AMERIVACS or Email Us

  • What is the 1-week trial program?

    1-week trial period for evaluation. This trial period does not apply to custom made or pre-owned machines. If non-custom unit is returned, it must be received at AmeriVacS in "as new" condition. Packaging shall be appropriate to assure safe shipment. When unit is returned, a credit memo will be issued to be used against original invoice. All shipping and handling costs are responsibility of the customer. Custom units are those that include the following options: BAS, SS, CE, 220PX, DN, EC, LPC, TC, PE, SEAL BAR and/or VSS. Custom made machines cannot be canceled once the order has been placed & received by AmeriVacS.